[Fontconfig] fontconfig: Branch 'master'

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sun Mar 23 23:21:53 PDT 2014

> [...] but the complaint isn't about the incompatibiilty of the
> metric.  that could say it is a kind of feature request but Tex Gyre
> Termes doesn't support fi ligature.  that should be a font issue and
> happens regardless of offering from fontconfig though.

Perhaps a misunderstanding: *Of course* do the TeX Gyre fonts support
the `fi' ligature!  However, the glyph itself isn't called `fi' but
`f_i', following the recommendation of the Adobe Glyph List

Using *OpenType* TeX Gyre as a replacement for *Type 1* fonts simply
doesn't work in general.  If you want to use it as a replacement for
another OpenType font, the using software must be sophisticated enough
to derive everything in an OpenType-aware manner, this is, deriving
everything from the input character codes.  Most programs are too
dumb, however.


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