[Fontconfig] issue with _LARGE_FILES and AIX with version 2.11.92, not with 2.4.2

Michael Haubenwallner michael.haubenwallner at ssi-schaefer.com
Mon Mar 2 09:37:03 PST 2015

On 02/15/2015 09:34 PM, Michael Felt wrote:
> "/usr/include/unistd.h", line 171.17: 1506-343 (S) Redeclaration of lseek64 differs from previous declaration on line 169 of "/usr/include/unistd.h".
> "/usr/include/unistd.h", line 171.17: 1506-050 (I) Return type "long long" in redeclaration is not compatible with the previous return type "long".
> So, it seems there is an inaccurate assumption regarding the affect/interaction of _LARGE_FILES and _LARGE_FILE_API
> Looking at config.h.in <http://config.h.in> - it looks as it _LARGE_FILES was added to assist with AIX, and now it is getting the way (fun :p)
> I cannot find where the code for configure is generated. I suspect that - MAYBE - this was important for when
> 32-bit hardware was out there (in 1997 64-bit file support was added to AIX 4.2.0 even though the kernel was
> still 32-bit as well as 'normal' pointers.
> In any case - this was not a problem I encounter with fontconfig-2.4.2 (ancient!!) but do now.
> Give me hints, and I shall test them (as I have time).

This should be fixed along https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89336 now.


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