[Fontconfig] Webdings and other MS symbol fonts don't display

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Sun May 17 05:09:30 PDT 2015

On 05/14/15 21:38, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> On 15-05-14 03:32 AM, Raimund Steger wrote:
>> On 05/13/15 03:45, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>> On 15-05-12 04:45 PM, Raimund Steger wrote:
>> Anyway when I try rendering some text in WPF using WingDings I see that the
>> glyphs are accessible in two ways:
>> * old 8-bit codepoints (0x20..0xff)
>> * PUA codepoints (0xf020..0xf0ff)
> What happens if you remove the macroman subtable?  Does it still do the 8-bit
> mapping?

Yes, same behavior. (To avoid confusion with the stock Wingdings I 
renamed the stripped font and used the WPF FontFamily constructor with a 
distinct directory location, so I'm quite sure.)

> Ok, so detecting such symbol fonts and treating them specially is certainly
> possible.  We just need to figure out what special treatment is suitable.  I
> think I'm fine with adding your hack, but also marking the font with a special
> marker, such that only if a binding=strong family match happens the font is
> picked up and never as a fallback.  That should address all problems we know
> of, right? ;)

I think the binding=strong check may not even be necessary. Since 
Wingdings etc. aren't in any alias rules, the only way they would be 
chosen as fallback (even in the presence of strong 'lang' elements) is 
if there was none other available. And that's highly unlikely due to 

After all, I don't recall any such bugreports for 2.8.0...


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