[Fontconfig] Support Emoji

Guo Yunhe (郭云鹤) guoyunhebrave at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 00:15:37 PST 2015

Unicode Standard 8.0 has defined all Emoji characters should be 
supported. I am using EmojiSymbols <http://emojisymbols.com/> font. It 
contains most Emoji characters and can be used as a research sample.

在 2015年11月17日 05:19, Akira TAGOH 写道:
> welll, the concern to define a block of emoji characters as a
> orthography is, all of emoji fonts doesn't necessarily has all/most of
> characters and/or hard to figure out what characters are majority to
> be supported in them. need another method to check if a font has
> sufficient coverage for requirement.

Guo Yunhe (郭云鹤)

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