[Fontconfig] Application startup performance

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jan 15 08:51:20 PST 2016

Akira TAGOH <akira at tagoh.org> writes:

> Well, the scenario for the race is, installing a font A with a sub
> directory into the directory while fc-cache is collecting metadata
> from fonts at or traversing. so fc-cache writes out a dir cache
> without that subdir and no difference between mtime in cache and fs.
> then fontconfig can't reach out a cache file for A.

fontconfig caches per-directory, and stat's every directory at
startup. Why is the cache for the sub directory not out-of-date?

> I tried that before. it happened with it behaved that way. because
> couldn't even detect the change from mtime so needed to check the
> difference of the number of entries in both cache and fs.

Is that just because the mtime is too coarse?

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