[Fontconfig] How to prevent Chromium from scaling bitmapped fonts?

Kynn Jones kynnjo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 04:15:13 UTC 2016

Hi everyone!

I can't keep Chromium from scaling the bitmapped font Terminus.

I have disabled (i.e. removed)


and enabled (i.e. symlinked)


...to no avail.

The URL below points to a comparison between Icweasel's and Chromium's
rendering of the same test page:


(The side that looks nice is Iceweasel; that one that looks like a
total disgrace is Chromium.)

The HTML that generated the test page is here


Note that 12px is the only size that Chromium gets right.  It looks
like it obtains the remaining sizes by scaling the 12px font.

(BTW, the lack of difference between 12px regular and 12px bold is to
be expected, since there's no 12px bold in this font.  On the other
hand, there *should* be a difference between sizes 14px and 16px, and
between 18px and 20px, since my system has separate font specification
files for all those sizes.  So maybe Iceweasel's rendering is not
perfect either.  Nevertheless, I'd be delighted if I could get Chrome
to work as well as Iceweasel does here.)

Thanks in advance!


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