[Fontconfig] prebuilding 32-bit caches on a 64-bit system

Michael Pardee groovix.org at open-sense.com
Mon Jan 8 16:18:33 UTC 2018

I help manage a few hundred computers and am trying to eliminate the
startup delay of 32-bit wine programs on 64-bit machines when the 32-bit
font caches need to be regenerated.

With some fonts installed like the ubuntu package fonts-noto-cjk it takes
up to 30 seconds to regenerate the cache.

Running fc-cache -f -v only generates the 64-bit versions.  The only
solution I've found so far is to install the i386 fontconfig package (
we're running Ubuntu ) and run fc-cache to generate the 32 bit caches in
/var/cache/fontconfig.   Then you can re-install the normal amd64
fontconfig package which removes the 32-bit version of fc-cache but leaves
the 32-bit cache files in place alongside the 64-bit cache files.

This method works as long as the process is repeated after any font
changes.  My next thought is to try installing an i386 version of
fontconfig from source into /opt to keep both installed and run fc-cache
for both 32-bit and 64-bit on a regular basis.

Is there any better method of pre-generating 32-bit caches on a 64-bit

Mike Pardee
Open Sense Solutions
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