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Tue Jul 20 06:27:53 UTC 2021

 src/fcint.h |    6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit ab4761ff8718ce252b4f625a979e0430658a8330
Author: Alex Richardson <Alexander.Richardson at cl.cam.ac.uk>
Date:   Mon Jul 12 15:06:32 2021 +0100

    fcint: add casts to allow building with stricter compilers
    When targeting CHERI, casts between pointers and integers must use
    (u)intptr_t. uintptr_t values contains pointer bounds (and additional
    metadata), whereas other integer types do not. This change also adds a
    cast to FcOffsetToPtr() to silence a compiler warning that triggers if
    the compiler cannot statically infer which side of an arithmetic operation
    is the pointer operand and which one is the offset/mask.

diff --git a/src/fcint.h b/src/fcint.h
index 612287f..f7141c1 100644
--- a/src/fcint.h
+++ b/src/fcint.h
@@ -152,16 +152,16 @@ FC_ASSERT_STATIC (sizeof (FcRef) == sizeof (int));
 #define FcIsEncodedOffset(p)	((((intptr_t) (p)) & 1) != 0)
 /* Encode offset in a pointer of type t */
-#define FcOffsetEncode(o,t)	((t *) ((o) | 1))
+#define FcOffsetEncode(o,t)	((t *) (intptr_t) ((o) | 1))
 /* Decode a pointer into an offset */
 #define FcOffsetDecode(p)	(((intptr_t) (p)) & ~1)
 /* Compute pointer offset */
-#define FcPtrToOffset(b,p)	((intptr_t) (p) - (intptr_t) (b))
+#define FcPtrToOffset(b,p)	((ptrdiff_t) ((intptr_t) (p) - (intptr_t) (b)))
 /* Given base address, offset and type, return a pointer */
-#define FcOffsetToPtr(b,o,t)	((t *) ((intptr_t) (b) + (o)))
+#define FcOffsetToPtr(b,o,t)	((t *) ((intptr_t) (b) + (ptrdiff_t) (o)))
 /* Given base address, encoded offset and type, return a pointer */
 #define FcEncodedOffsetToPtr(b,p,t) FcOffsetToPtr(b,FcOffsetDecode(p),t)

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