[fprint] question about biometric verify

Linos info at linos.es
Mon Sep 26 11:04:11 PDT 2011

El 26/09/11 19:46, Rafael Toledo escribió:
> Hello, Linos!
> I was made on a project some months ago, a identify system. Maybe the concept
> can help you.
> I used the fp_identify_finger() function. I maintain the finger data in the
> database, after converting them to unsigned char*.
> I create a vector with user names, and a vector with the data of the
> fingerprints in the same order. As the function returns
> the index of the finger identified, I catch the same index on the vector of
> users to know who is the user.
> Maybe this idea can suggest any solution to you (maybe this isn't the best
> answer, but works)
> Best regards,
> Rafael Toledo

Hi Rafael,
	don't mind about the name, my email client identify me as Linos so it is not
your fault hehe, i have found the parameter that returns the index in the
fp_identify_finger() function, do you pass a large vector of data? i have to
pass 140 users and i am a bit worriend about the time of execution.

Miguel Angel.

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