[fprint] New contribution

Raul Fernandes rgfernandes at gmail.com
Wed May 20 09:40:18 PDT 2015


I'm new to this mailing list and new to this project but I can contribute a few.
In my work, we use the Futronics FS-80 (usbid 1491:0020) and Nitgen
(usbid 0a86:0100) fingerprint readers.
The drivers for these readers are a little problematic in our environment.
So I decided to reverse engineering them and now we are able to get
the images of fingerprints in both devices.
I read in libfprint site that the FS-80 is one of the most wanted
readers and I want to get it upstream.
How can I add these readers to libfprint??
I think the better way is to follow the chinese wall method as
explained in http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/fprint/Project_needs/
because I disassembled some parts of the driver.
Can I send the documentation to this list?? Or there are a better place??
Or it will be better to contribute with code??

Raul Fernandes
rgfernandes at gmail.com

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