[fprint] FPrint after Windows Usage

HERAULT-MARTIN Pierre hickscorp at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 10:35:23 PDT 2015

Hello list users,

I'm new to the whole fingerprint thingy. I have purchased a laptop and
it offers this fingerprint reader (Some sort of EgisTek device, it is
listed as "1c7a:0603 LighTuning Technology Inc.").
I was wondering if maybe one of you guys have had the same problem than
me. I first thought that the problem was randomly appearing, but I
noticed a pattern.
I sometimes use Windows to play some games, and I think there must be
some sort of hardware persistency in the way Windows initializes the
device, because every time I reboot to Linux, the fingerprint reader
stops working. It basically becomes crazy, and thinks I am scanning my
finger over and over again, while i just scanned it once.

I found this thread online, but most of the links they suggest are dead:

Is there anyone who could kindly point me to the correct approach for
solving this issue please?

Best regards,

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