[fprint] DM PD061 USB flash drive with fingerprint reader

Vovan K v at robolab.it
Sat Oct 1 17:26:26 UTC 2016


the device distributor told me to setup the fingerprint using Windows OS and software from the virtual CD, so I have installed Windows in the VMWare virtual machine (I have tried Virtualbox first but it failed to passthrough this USB device to the Windows guest). 
Then I set up my fingerprint using software provided and the flash drive began to work in Linux - the new drive appears after I scan the correct finger.

This is the new usbmon log: http://myfiles.pro/uploads/923336565.3u.mon.txt.zip
I have scanned my finger somewhat after several newlines.

And this is the udevadm monitor log: http://myfiles.pro/uploads/103841119.udevadm.monitor.txt.zip
I have scanned my finger after first several newlines and removed the device after second several newlines.



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