[fprint] libfprint 0.7.0 released

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at gmail.com
Sun May 14 16:52:39 UTC 2017


libfprint 0.7.0 is finally released!

It's available at



Bastien Nocera (8):
      build: Document why some drivers are disabled
      rules: Add driver name to the USB properties
      Work-around kernel's lack of USB PM
      build: Fix running autogen.sh out-of-tree
      build: Fix 9570c36 on Debian
      drivers: Print USB error when libusb_claim_interface() fails
      aes3500: Fix possible crash if USB init fails
      aes4000: Fix possible crash if USB init fails

Carlos Olmedo Escobar (1):
      vfs101: Logical conjunction always evaluates to false.

Konstantin Semenov (1):
      lib: Add VFS0050 driver

Timo Teräs (1):
      imgdev: fix enum mismatch for dev_change_state() call

Vasily Khoruzhick (31):
      nbis: add one more step of false minutia removal
      lib: add partial image flag
      upektc_img: set partial flag on an image
      aes1660: set partial flag on an image
      upektc_img: Fix copy/paste error
      imgdev: Add fpi_imgdev_abort_scan() to abort scan gracefully
from within the driver.
      upektc_img: Handle scan status reported by sensor properly
      imgdev: reset action_result after reporting it
      vfs5011: make '5 scans per enroll' work with this driver
      vfs5011: do duplicate line search for 30 lines
      aes1610: fix memory corruption introduced by a457658f1b
      lib: move frame assembling routines into a separate file and
make them usable by non-aes drivers
      upeksonly: move regwrite sequences into a header
      upeksonly: add support for 147e:1001 device
      lib: move line assembling routines out of vfs5011 into common code
      upeksonly: use line assembling routines to account variable swiping speed
      aes1610: set partial flag on an image
      aes2501: set partial flag on an image
      aes2550: set partial flag on an image
      aes2660: set partial flag on an image
      lib: use normalized error to make decision about movement direction
      lib: frame assembling: flip image for non-reverse direction
      aes1610: improve gain settings
      vfs5011: add proper dev_deactivate() support
      aes1610: decrease bz3_threshold to 20
      vfs5011: add USB IDs of device found in some Toshiba laptops
      lib: move some functions from vfs5011.c into img.c
      upeksonly: use fpi_std_sq_dev() and fpi_mean_sq_diff_norm()
      upeksonly: decrease bz3_threshold for 147e:1001
      uru4k: decrypt image if necessary
      etes603: fix compilation error caused by a0bbbd7d3

Volkau Siarhei (1):
      vfs101: fix broken enrolling by prev commit to vfs101.c

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