[fdo] Hosting of uchardet

Jehan Pag├Ęs jehan.marmottard at gmail.com
Sun May 15 19:36:14 UTC 2016

Hello all!

My name is Jehan. I am currently maintaining uchardet, which is an
encoding detector based on Mozilla code, wrapped in a now independent
C lib.
It is currently hosted on the Github account of the original
maintainer: https://github.com/BYVoid/uchardet

But to give it more visibility, I'd like to have it hosted on Freedesktop.
I opened a request for this on the tracker:
Would it be possible?

For info, it really works a lot lot better than any of the historical
alternatives (like Enca or libguess), has already been adopted by the
mpv video player as the new default (Enca used to be the default) for
subtitle encoding detection. There is a branch WIP for the support in
gedit. And I hope more and more software will improve their encoding
detection by adding uchardet as a dependency. :-)

Could it be a Freedesktop-hosted software? Thank you all!


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