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Fri Feb 4 08:01:37 PST 2005

Harald Hoyer <harald at> writes:

> Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 03:43:02PM +0100, Harald Hoyer wrote:
>>>Btw, where are the debian patches?
>>> On , I only find a
>>> big patch on the left bottom of the page.
>> That's the standard Debian package way of handling patches. However,
>> cdrtools on Debian uses a patch-within-patch method to manage
>> things. If you grab the .diff.gz and apply it, it will add a
>> debian/directory to the tree, and (IIRC) in debian/patches it will
>> dump all the patches that get applied at package build time.
> ok, extracted all patches... now, let's collect the patches somehow somewhere 
> describe them and vote for them... suggestions for this process?
> Warly, care to join the list and help? See

Yep, my patches are located and partially explained on my page, already
linked from the freedrtools page.

- dvd: dvd burning patch for DVD±RW

The main patch. It brings DVD-R support, DVD+R, DVD+RW and currently
under development DVD+R Dual Layer support.

I have checked the MMC5 specifications, and it seems that Blue Ray and
HD DVD will more or less respect the previous MMC command set, so it
should not be very difficult to add the support into cdrecord.

My main concern is that in cdrecord, the main program is very messy,
with a huge main function doing tons of things, and more and more
special case if your are DVD, CD, DVD+RW, etc. 

Maybe should we try to create some new function once the medium has been

I have also receive one patch to automatically format unformated DVD+RW
media, but I am not quite satisfied with that patch, I should rewrite it
or change the way it is doing thing.

My current concerns with this patch is the multisession support,
although not really used, I think it must be broken with DVD. I am also
concerned about some 'fixing' issue. The specifications explain the
various 'fixing' method, depending if you are a DVD or a CD, but Joerg
does not seems to fix CD, he just closes the session. For the DVD+R DL
support I had to use the specific fixate command, but not sure which one
is really the best to increase the medium compatibility.

I have clearly met a lot of incompatibility with a lot of DVD-ROM
drive. Strangely DVD+RW seems to be better accepted than pure DVD+R.

- o_excl: open device in exclusive mode to prevent some burning failures.

I think this one come from your own patches, Harald, not to be bothered
with magicdev

- rawio: get RAWIO capability to be able to burn as user with kernel 2.6.8.

This one should be obsolete now, in the 2.6.9 the kernel seems to have
change a little bit more its policy to allow user space program
accessing low level scsi command. 

Right now I have just remove the suid bit from the cdrecord
binary. However with that choice (which is not so bad, having less suid
binary is more a plus than a drawback), we do not access anymore to the
privileged scheduler option. But recent machine are now clearly
powerful enough to handle, even in user mode, a burning process in

- warnings: remove warnings for kernel version and use of gnu make.

Just cosmetics, remove this silly 5 second sleep in the makefile, as
well as all the kernel version checks.

- scanbus: do not exit if a /dev/hdX cannot be opened as user in scanbus mode

This is needed as if we do not set cdrecord suid any more, it will not
be able to try to open the /dev/hda device. I just ignore device which
could not be opened, instead of dying.


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