[FriBidi] Calling from Python on Windows

Behnam Esfahbod ZWNJ behnam at zwnj.org
Fri Feb 13 06:51:14 PST 2009

Dear Enoch,

I've put my wrapper public, but it's in design phase yet.


I would appreciate your suggestions in API design and help on the Windows side.


On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:54 PM, Enoch H. Wexler <hwexler at nj.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello Behdad,
>>> I need to call FriBiDi on Windows from Python.
>>> My attempts to call FriBiDi.dll as found on the web (e.g., extracted
>>> from the php project binaries) through ctypes have all failed.
>> That sounds like it may be the PHP FriBidi module DLL, not the library DLL you
>> want.  My brother has been calling FriBidi from Python using ctype on Linux
>> recently and he didn't have any major problem.  I'm sure he's going to share
>> his Python wrapper.
> I have no problem calling libfribidi.so through Python's ctypes as well.
> It's Windows causing the pains, as usual.
>>> On the other hand, no fribidi/fribidi2 distribution or CVS can be built
>>> on mingw32 to produce a DLL of my own (tried MSYS on the XP and Linux
>>> cross compilation as well). All broken one way or another, what a pity.
>> Those problems should be easy to fix, aren't they?
> Perhaps...
> I spent the time (-: wasted actually :-) on trying to build the DLL
> through the various options: fribi-0.10.4, cvs-fribidi, fribidi-0.19.1,
> cvs-fribidi2... first as a mingw32 cross-compile and then as a native
> one on MSYS.
> All builds failed.
>>> Is using Visual Studio the only way forward?
>> Don't know.  I know people have compiled FriBidi using Visual Studio
>> successfully before.
> Will install their free express now...
> Thanks, Enoch.
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