[Ftp-release] Poppler 0.10.1

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Nov 9 14:06:51 PST 2008

Available from

Changes since 0.10.0:
  * Improvements in Optional Content support
  * Small fix in Form support
  * Fix memory leak in case of error
  * Fix potential crash on text search
  * Try render documents with invalid indexed color space parameters.
    Bug #18374
  * Fix crash on text extraction when poppler-data is not installed.
    Bug #18023

  * Fix two memory leaks

  * Small documentation improvement
  * Fix memory leak in the demo code

Note to distro packagers: This release braks binary compatibility with poppler 
0.10.0 in the poppler core, we never said we'd maintain it so this is just a 
friendly reminder.

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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