[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-mission-control 5.1.4

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Thu Jul 9 02:57:32 PDT 2009

The "I only came here seeking peas" release.

The latest reviewed code is always available from:
http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=telepathy-mission-control.git (gitweb)


* fd.o #22332: GConf is no longer required (if it is not available, then the
  MC 4 to MC 5 migration tool, mc-account-convert, will not be built)


* fd.o #21378: support connection manager parameters whose value is a single
  byte (smcv)

* Add simple man pages for the daemon and utilities (smcv)


* fd.o #22670: don't assume a client has crashed just because it has lost a
  well-known name (smcv)

* Don't use the AutomaticPresence status from account configuration unless the
  presence type is an online presence (mardy)

* fd.o #22585: remove symbols from libmissioncontrol-server that collide with
  symbols in libmcclient, allowing the telepathy-mission-control daemon to be
  statically linked on platforms that don't want to support plugins (smcv)

telepathy-mission-control 5.1.3 (2009-07-01)

The "wilting" release.


* Improve test coverage, including EnsureChannel (smcv)

* In tests, add the ability to test an installed MC binary (installcheck)


* Make sure that ChannelDispatchOperations emit Finished before they are
  unreffed for the last time (smcv)

* Stop mcd_mission_abort() from implicitly closing channels, meaning that
  when Close() has an extra protocol-level meaning (for instance, when using
  an IRC proxy), we don't respond to connection loss by departing from all
  channels. Instead, explicitly close channels whenever desired (smcv)

* Add API for plugins to destroy channels, close channels with a reason,
  or "forget" (do not dispatch) channels (smcv)

* In situations where channels can't be handled, use Destroy() to terminate
  them, if available (smcv)

* In wait-for-name, initialize error properly if we can't connect to D-Bus

* In tests, restructure `make check-torture` so it doesn't exceed command-line
  length limits (smcv)

* Use g_file_set_contents to overwrite files (mardy)

telepathy-mission-control 5.1.2 (2009-06-26)

The "don't cross the stream engines" release.


* telepathy-glib >= 0.7.32 (or 0.7.33 if you want to run the regression tests)


* Stop generating duplicate bindings in the daemon for interfaces that are
  now available in telepathy-glib 0.7.32


* Fix a subtle use-after-free that can crash MC if more than 4 distinct
  properties change in a 10ms interval (!)

* Make various fixes to putting accounts online:
  - ConnectAutomatically takes effect immediately
  - Fix a race between loading accounts and requesting channels
  - Never consider accounts to be Valid until they've loaded, meaning that we
    never try to put an account online before we've loaded its parameters (!)
  - Don't connect (automatically or by request) unless the account is Valid
  - Don't connect in order to satisfy a channel request unless the account is
    both Valid and Enabled
  - Allow setting RequestedPresence on disabled accounts, fixing creation of
    accounts that already have a RequestedPresence
  - Improve regression test coverage considerably
  - If an account's parameters change and it becomes Valid, consider putting it
  - If an account becomes enabled after an online presence was requested, try
    to put it online

* Change the default RequestedPresence on startup from UNSET to OFFLINE

* Simplify API for low memory indication

* Delete some unnecessary code from McdMaster, and simplify some redundant code

* Forbid setting AutomaticPresence to a non-online status

* Forbid setting RequestedPresence to a status that can't be set on yourself

* Fix a memory leak and some races in the regression tests

* Turn the daemon into a convenience library so one of the tests can link it
  statically even if it's eventually going to be a shared library, fixing
  make check with --enable-plugins

telepathy-mission-control 5.1.1 (2009-06-16)

The "Beautiful And Damned" release.


* fd.o #22169: allowed PreferredHandler to be empty when requesting a
  channel (smcv)

* Updated code generation from telepathy-glib and followed the recommendations
  of telepathy-glib 0.7.6's NEWS, fixing some possible assertion
  failures (smcv)

* Ensured that AccountValidityChanged will be emitted if an account is added
  in an already-valid state (smcv)

* fd.o #21377: added support for 64-bit integers, doubles and object paths as
  CM parameters, did some work towards supporting bytes as CM parameters,
  and fixed serialization of large 32-bit unsigned integers and
  deserialization of integers of large magnitude (smcv)

* fd.o #21299: prevented automatic reconnection after Name_In_Use error (smcv)

* fd.o #22201: avoided rewriting accounts.cfg if nothing changed (smcv)

* Ensured that the transport was reset when a Connection disconnected (mardy)

telepathy-mission-control 5.1.0 (2009-06-05)

The "beta 75 would have been silly" release.

After months of development, this is the first numbered release of Mission
Control 5. We jumped straight to 5.1 in order to use the Linux-style odd/even
versioning seen in the other Telepathy components, so the 5.1.x development
branch will lead to the 5.2.x stable branch.

Changes since Mission Control 4 are too numerous to list here, but here are
the major architectural changes.

The proprietary MissionControl API no longer exists; the daemon is a
telepathy-spec-compliant AccountManager, and also a telepathy-spec-compliant
ChannelDispatcher. Consequences of this include:

* Clients are no longer expected to implement the ChannelHandler interface.
  Instead, they may implement the Observer, Approver and/or Handler interfaces
  specified in telepathy-spec.

* The design of channel dispatching copes better with having multiple user
  interface components installed.

* Accounts' presence, avatar and nickname are now independent (stored
  per-account), allowing for more precise control by UIs.

* Accounts no longer have to belong to a "profile", although they still can
  (albeit only by using a non-standard extension).

Accounts are now stored in a flat file, rather than by abusing GConf. The
included mc-account-convert tool might be able to convert MC 4 accounts to
the MC 5 format, if you're lucky.

libmissioncontrol-server has changed its API and ABI considerably, and is not
yet considered stable in its new form either. It is no longer installed by
default (in a normal configuration it'll just be compiled into the daemon).

libmissioncontrol (based on libtelepathy and also known as
libmissioncontrol-client) no longer exists, and has been replaced by
libmcclient (based on telepathy-glib).

Mission Control 5 is not a drop-in replacement for Mission Control 4, and
cannot be used by Mission-Control-4-based applications like Empathy 2.26
and the Maemo 4 platform. However, both versions can be installed
independently in the same directory prefix, to facilitate porting from one to
the other.

Known regressions since Mission Control 4:

* There is no gnome-keyring integration yet.
* The client and server library APIs are not considered to be stable yet.
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