[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-gabble 0.7.28

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jun 1 11:15:59 PDT 2009

telepathy-gabble version 0.7.28, the "npc1 becomes vampire/communist"
release, is out, featuring API-stable Tubes, random resources, crash
fixes, and other exciting enhancements for all the family!


The latest reviewed code is always available from:
and can be browsed in gitweb at:


* telepathy-glib >= 0.7.31 is now required as Gabble implements the new
tube API.


* Implement the Credentials access control with UNIX sockets in stream

* Implement the Port access control with Inet4 and Inet6 sockets in
stream tubes.

* Implement the final, stable new API for tubes. The NewConnection
signal has been renamed to NewRemoteConnection and now has a
Connection_ID argument.  The StreamTube channel type now implements the
NewLocalConnection and ConnectionClosed signals.
DBusTube.{Offer,Accept} now have an access_control argument; Gabble
implements Credentials and Localhost.

* In StreamTube, UNIX sockets created with the Localhost access control
are usable by any user of the system.

* When no resource is explicitly specified, Gabble will now use a
randomized resource ("Telepathy.[random numbers]") rather than just
"Telepathy". This helps users who don't know anything about XMPP to be
able to connect from multiple Telepathy-powered clients at once. (fd.o

* Gabble now implements the 'stored' contact list, added in
telepathy-spec 0.17.12. It no longer implements the 'known' list, which
was never standard; we don't think this will break clients, since other
CMs (such as telepathy-haze) never implemented 'known'. (fd.o #19901)

* Incoming call state notifications (ringing, on hold, etc.) are now
handled in line with the latest draft of XEP-0167. (fd.o #21836)


* fd.o #21684: Don't crash in SessionHandler.Ready() if streams is NULL

* fd.o #21817: Sometimes crashes upon receiving an empty <nick/> update.

* fd.o #21547: Contacts removed from roster stay on
subscribe:remote-pending.  It's conceivable that this fix could cause
regressions, since the bug was introduced while working around some
GTalk roster bugs. As discussed on the fd.o bug, the bug being worked
around appeared to be to do with roster updates when a contact accepts
your subscription. That workaround has not been removed, so with any
luck this should be okay.

* fd.o #21878: Adding a new stream while a call's on hold makes it fall
back to Pending Hold.


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