[Ftp-release] [poppler] Poppler 0.11.1 (0.12 Beta 1) released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Jun 19 14:44:21 PDT 2009

Available from

WARNING: This is a unstable release, it is actually 0.12 Beta 1 release, it 
should work like any release from the 0.10 branch, but do not blame us if it 
makes you start liking Windows Vista.

Changes against the 0.11.0 release:
         * Support colorizing text in pattern colorspace.
           Bug #19670 and #19994
         * Add the possibility of forcing no hinting of fonts
           in the Splash backend
         * Support multiple page sizes when converting to PS. Bug #19777
         * Also tokens with leading 00 when parsing the char to unicode map.
           Bug #22025
         * Improvements of rendering speed in documents
           using PS transformations a lot. Bug #21562
         * More work on Annotations support
         * Use Interpolate flag to decide whether applying image
           interpolation during rendering. Bug #9860
         * Handle Streams in CMap definitions. Bug #22334
         * Fix some bugs in JBIG2Stream handling
         * Fix dashed line in page 1 of bug 20011
         * Fix exit(1) when rendering a file
         * Fix pdftops crash on file from KDE bug #174899
         * Fix PS generation in some files. Bug #20420
         * Do not create the GfxColorTransform if the lcms could
           not be created. Bug #20108
         * Check Mask entries are int before using them, if they are
           real cast to int and try to use them. Bug #21841
         * Use the correct value when creating the V field for form comboboxes
         * Give an error when using level1sep in pdftops without
           having CMYK support. Bug #22026
         * Don't include lcms.h in GfxState.h
         * Fix splashColorModeNComps to correctly include all values
           for each SplashColorMode
         * Add splashClearColor that assigns white to the given colorptr
         * Kill support for specifying extension in openTmpFile. Bug #21713
         * Fix "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value".
           Bug #20011
         * Add poppler_annot_markup_has_popup()
         * Hyphenate UTF-8 and UTF-16BE. Bug #21953
         * Use g_strerror instead of strerror. Bug #22095
         * Fix a crash when a destination points to an invalid page
         * Improvements to the demo
         * Add LinkDestination::destinationName()
         * Do not try to resolve named destinations for GoTo links
           pointing to external documents
         * Add Page::thumbnail()
         * Improvements to the demo
         * Improvements to the documentation
        build system:
         * Build fix for MSVC
         * Better lcms cmake check comming from kdelibs
         * Use pkgconfig for autotools lcms check
         * Remove unneeded files from repo. Bug #22094

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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