[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-gabble 0.7.24

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Mon Mar 23 11:44:22 PDT 2009

telepathy-gabble 0.7.24, the "glass eye, a flash of green" release, is
out now at a freedesktop.org near you!

If you use Tubes, note that this release contains fixes that hurt
interoperability with versions of Gabble from 0.7.18 to 0.7.23, yielding
either slow or broken tubes as described below.


The latest reviewed code is always available from:


* All messages on the Messages interface now have a message token, using
  the XMPP id attribute. Identifiers for messages that Gabble sends, and
  those it receives that lack one, are generated with libuuid if
  available, or with a unique-ish time-based fallback otherwise.


* Fix SOCKS5 implementation to actually respect XEP-0065.
  One of the changes would cause interoperability issues with older,
  buggy, Gabble implementing SOCKS5 (0.7.{18,19,20,21,22,23}):

  - A stream tube (muc or private) offers from a new Gabble to an old
    one will takes 30 extra seconds trying to connect and will then
    timed out and fallback to IBB.

  - A MUC stream tube offered from an old Gabble to a new one will fail
    during SOCKS5 negotiation and then fallback to IBB.

  - A private stream tube offered by an old Gabble to a new one will
    appear to connect properly, but the application offering the tube
    will receive garbage from the tube socket.

  - Same problem with a private D-Bus tube offered by a new Gabble to an
    old one: the receiver of the tube will receive wrong data.

  These problems only appear when a SOCKS5 connection is possible, so
  generally when both peers are on the same network. If they are not,
  SOCKS5 connection will probably be impossible because of NAT's and
  they'll fallback to IBB as usual.

* Don't crash if Google relay responses arrive after the call has ended
  (fd.o #20764).

* Relax overly-strict checks made by CodecsUpdated.


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