[Ftp-release] Poppler 0.10.7

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat May 16 09:22:12 PDT 2009

Available from

Changes since 0.10.6:
 * Fix rendering of axial shadings. Bug #19896
 * Fix out of bounds access in GfxCIDFont
 * Fix decryption using owner password on some pdf. Bug #21270
 * Hidden property depends on parent, not only yourself. Bug #16093
 * Make sure ImageStream::close() is called after ImageStream::reset()
 * Only create checksum string for valid checksums
 * Several fixes in poppler_annot_get_color()
 * Link pdftoabw to abiword libs. Bug #21520

This should be the last poppler in the 0.10.x branch

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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