[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-mission-control 5.3.2

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 2 11:38:38 PST 2009

The "Flight Of The Living Dead" release. This is a development release in the
5.3.x series.

Mission Control is an account manager and channel dispatcher for the Telepathy
framework, allowing user interfaces and other clients to share connections to
real-time communication services without conflicting. It implements the
AccountManager and ChannelDispatcher D-Bus APIs defined by telepathy-spec.

The latest reviewed code is always available from:
http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=telepathy-mission-control.git (gitweb)


* mc-wait-for-name: give up after 5 minutes and exit EX_TEMPFAIL. Also exit
  with EX_UNAVAILABLE (instead of 1) if the session bus doesn't work, EX_USAGE
  (instead of 1) on wrong arguments, and EX_USAGE (instead of g_critical()
  and never terminating) if the requested bus name is not valid (smcv)

* fd.o #23651: strongly prefer the PreferredHandler for a channel request, and
  try dispatching to it even if its HandlerChannelFilters do not indicate that
  it could handle the channel, since this is very useful for clients like
  nautilus-sendto (smcv)

* fd.o#24120: refactor McdDispatcher quite extensively:
  + always have a McdDispatchOperation for each McdDispatcherContext, even if
    no approval is needed
  + migrate the dispatching state machine into the dispatch operation
  + move client logic into McdClientProxy, removing the McdClient struct
  + migrate Client discovery and the client registry into a new class
  + remove many unused signals
  + use McdDispatcherContext for the plugin API and nothing else

* McdHandlerMap: operate in terms of TpChannel, not McdChannel, to make the
  code less tightly coupled; watch for channels closing and client crashing
  internally, rather than relying on other modules (smcv)

* Run the regression tests with GLib and GObject warnings set to fatal (smcv)


* fd.o #23687: if all Handlers with BypassApproval fail, notify approvers
  and wait for approval before trying other Handlers (smcv)

* fd.o #24474: notify Observers about channels that were requested without
  going via MC, e.g. by Empathy 2.28.x (smcv)

* fd.o #21003: delay the return from HandleWith until HandleChannels has
  succeeded or failed, and pass on errors; do not consider HandleWith(H) to
  be general approval for the channel to be handled with handlers other
  than H (smcv)

* fd.o #24637: don't emit Finished until the channel dispatch operation has
  really finished (smcv)

* Fix a possible use-after-free when noting that a client has gone away (smcv)

* Avoid re-dispatching a re-requested channel to a different handler (smcv)

* When calling HandleChannels, use the most recent user-action time from among
  all requests that led to this channel, and all HandleWith() calls for this
  channel dispatch operation (smcv)

* Don't call ReloadConfig() on the dbus-daemon (reopening fd.o#23921), to avoid
  triggering fd.o#24350 in dbus-daemon and causing service-activations to
  fail (sjoerd)

* mc_account_conditions_call_when_ready: explain why it's OK to ignore the
  result of mc_iface_call_when_ready_int, which was a Coverity false-positive

* Consider calls to be potentially-missed if they terminate for reason ERROR,
  even if we're the actor, because that's what happens in Gabble >= 0.8.4
  if the streaming implementation (i.e. telepathy-farsight) discovers that
  none of the candidates work and calls Error() (smcv)

* Fix a race condition in the test account-manager/make-valid.py, which
  would sometimes incorrectly make it fail (smcv)

* Add a regression test for dispatching and requests being delayed while
  waiting for a plugin to make an asynchronous request for permission (smcv)

* Don't leak check_parameters_get_param_cb closure on error (smcv)

* In libmcclient, invoke callbacks for GetAll() in the right order (mardy)

All fixes from stable release 5.2.6 have been incorporated in this release.

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