[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: Doxer release 10.04.0 available

Tim Janik timj at gtk.org
Thu Apr 22 17:18:26 PDT 2010

Doxer 10.04.0 is available for download:


Doxer is a documentation tool initiated originally for generating
source code documentation. This is the first public release of
Doxer as a separate package (it has been included in other
packages previously).

This release contains a wiki markup parser, a corresponding HTML
generator, and a Drupal input format module. The markup syntax is
designed to cover the feature set required to write source code
documentation and general purpose documents. The parser and HTML
generator have a strong focus on robustness to support the full
range of user sophistication found on general purpose websites.
An extensive test suite accompanies the development.

     Homepage:           http://rapicorn.org/doxer.html
     Download:           http://rapicorn.org/dist/doxer/
     Wiki Markup:        http://rapicorn.org/DoxerMarkup.html
     Feedback:           http://rapicorn.org/mailman/listinfo/rapicorn-list

User visible features in Doxer 10.04:

* Added Doxer wiki markup parser.
* Added docs/DoxerMarkup.txt to describe the markup.
* Added HTML 4.01 Transitional generator for wiki markup.
* Added extensive Doxer wiki markup test suite.
* Wrapped the wiki markup parser as Drupal 6 input format module.
* Rewrote documentation extractor (Doxyscan).
* Started new Doxyscan Html documentation generator.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik


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