[Ftp-release] Announce: telepathy-spec 0.19.11

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Aug 9 10:09:33 PDT 2010

The “that's what the shovel is for, sandcastles” release.

telepathy-spec is the document defining the Telepathy real-time communication
framework's D-Bus API, from which all our other projects are derived.

The current development version of telepathy-spec is available as HTML:
or from the 'master' branch in the git repository:
  <git+ssh://git.collabora.co.uk/git/telepathy-spec.git> (for committers)
  <http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=telepathy-spec.git> (gitweb)

For packagers (e.g. http://packages.debian.org/telepathy-spec):
tar: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-spec/telepathy-spec-0.19.11.tar.gz
sig: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-spec/telepathy-spec-0.19.11.tar.gz.asc

New API:

⁜ CallState has a new Conference_Host flag (wjt)

⁜ fd.o #23931: new D-Bus errors CertInsecure, CertRevoked, CertLimitExceeded,
  with corresponding Connection_Status_Reason codes (cosimoc)

New experimental API:

⁜ TLSCertificate objects and Chan.T.ServerTLSConnection (draft 1), to check
  servers' TLS certificates interactively (cosimoc)

⁜ Chan.I.Room (draft 1), to clarify chatroom identity (jonny)

⁜ Conn.I.ClientTypes (draft 1), to identify other users' client types: phone,
  handheld, PC, games console etc. (jonny)

⁜ Content and Stream have gained the usual Interfaces property (wjt)


⁜ Fix a cut-and-paste typo in describing the Cert.SelfSigned error and the
  corresponding Connection_Status_Change_Reason (cosimoc)

⁜ Define a serialization for all of Protocol's properties, identical to the
  one implemented in telepathy-glib (smcv)
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