[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-sofiasip 0.6.0

Mikhail Zabaluev mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com
Tue Feb 16 03:52:16 PST 2010


After more than two years of 'unstable' development, I'm reasonably
confident to declare this release of Telepathy-SofiaSIP fit for a stable

This release implements Telepathy specification 0.18 and uses
libtelepathy-glib version 0.8 or later.

Changes in this release:

- Supports the new StreamHandler interface method CodecsUpdated.
- Revisited code controlling stream directionality and pending flags
  (fd.o #26070).
- Made critical warnings fatal again, after telepathy-glib stopped doing so.
  (fd.o #26153).
- Try to disable locally originated re-INVITES as much as possible
  when 'immutable-streams' parameter is true (fd.o #26387).
- Implemented the Debug interface (fd.o #26388).
- Implemented the DBus properties of Media.StreamHandler (fd.o #26384).
- Build fixes and improvements.
- Support configure option --enable-silent-rules if using Automake >= 1.11
- Implemented properties InitialAudio, InitialVideo, and ImmutableStreams.
- Introduced the connection manager parameter 'immutable-streams' to
  disable stream list changes mid-call, as well as hold.
- Pass the ptime and maxptime attributes from remote SDP session and media
  descriptions as codec parameters. Values from a=fmtp are also considered.


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