[Ftp-release] dbus-glib 0.90

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 21:27:30 PST 2010

A new version of dbus-glib, 0.90, is available. It features a bunch of
bug fixes, plus a way to turn a GVariant into a dbus-glib-flavoured
GValue. Thanks to Christian, Mike and Simon for their contributions.

tarball: http://dbus.freedesktop.org/releases/dbus-glib/dbus-glib-0.90.tar.gz
signature: http://dbus.freedesktop.org/releases/dbus-glib/dbus-glib-0.90.tar.gz.asc

git shortlog:

Christian Dywan (6):
      Remove unused method attribute variables in introspect_interfaces
      Dereference main loop once variant recursion test is done
      Plug leak of expected_str in threaded server test
      Free path string after emission in in statemachine server example
      Always free method_c_name in dbus binding tool
      Free looked up function name in dbus binding tool

Mike Gorse (1):
      Fix switching a connection's GMainContext

Simon McVittie (18):
      Add DBusGObjectPath, DBusGSignature typedefs
      Give specialized GArrays iteration/appending support
      Actually run test/core/test-gvariant
      Test dbus_g_value_build_g_variant for various fixed arrays
      Remove gcov decoder, which hasn't worked since dbus-glib left libdbus
      replace remnants of gcov support with lcov.am from telepathy-glib
      fd.o #30428: add dbus_g_value_parse_g_variant
      dbus_g_type_specialized_map_append: document that the value contents are stolen
      dbus_g_value_build_g_variant: cope with empty arrays, maps
      Test dbus_g_value_parse_g_variant
      dbus_g_value_basic_array_parse_variant: allow the fast path to be taken
      Adjust syntax to avoid relying on array/pointer duality
      dbus_g_value_parse_variant_by_type: talk about GVariant, not GDBus, in docs
      Add dbus_g_value_parse_g_variant to gtkdoc
      output unhandled GVariantClass as ASCII if possible
      copy arrays of 'o', 'g' from GVariant without constructing a format string programmatically
      Merge branch 'gvariant'
      Merge branch 'type-names'

Will Thompson (5):
      Build test/ before its subdirs.
      Release version 0.90
      Makefile.am: Remove ChangeLog's spurious FORCE dependency
      HACKING: Fix release URL; be honest about NEWS

Yours with fingers crossed,

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