[Ftp-release] Announce: telepathy-glib 0.13.2

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 10:37:30 PDT 2010

The "whose thighs are capacitive?" release.

tarball: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib-0.13.2.tar.gz
signature: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib-0.13.2.tar.gz.asc

This release includes all the fixes from version 0.12.1.


• Update to spec 0.21.2 (smcv)
  - add TP_ERROR_REJECTED, SendNamedTelephonyEvent, SendSoundTelephonyEvent
  - change the experimental Call interfaces and adjust the example CM to match

• fd.o #29973: add TpClientChannelFactory, TpAutomaticProxyFactory and
  TpBasicProxyFactory, and use them in TpBaseClient and TpAccountChannelRequest

• fd.o #29218: add TpStreamTubeChannel, a higher-level API for stream tubes
  (danni, cassidy)

• fd.o #30478: add TP_ACCOUNT_FEATURE_STORAGE (danni)

• Improve the error message for an undefined D-Bus interface (wjt)


• fd.o #30791: fix building with gtk-doc enabled, and an older telepathy-glib
  installed in a non-default library search path (danni)

• fd.o #30644: don't 'return' a void expression from a void function, which
  isn't valid C99 and breaks compilation on Sun Studio C (smcv)

• Remove redundant trailing semicolons from G_DEFINE_TYPE etc., which are
  not valid C99 (smcv)

• Add DeliveryReportingSupport to the properties offered by TpMessageMixin

• Add ContactListState to the properties offered by TpBaseContactList (smcv)

• Avoid using a gboolean (which is signed) as a one-bit bitfield (smcv)
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