[Ftp-release] Poppler 0.17.2 (0.18 Beta 2) released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Aug 15 11:08:33 PDT 2011

Available from

Changes against the 0.17.1 release:
 * EmbeddedFile improvements
 * don't gmalloc(-1) upon ftell failure
 * Fix missing content in some pages (Bug #39637)
 * Improve selection of CJK fonts (Bug #36474)
 * SplashOutputDev: Implement overprint
 * SplashOutputDev: Render dots for 0 length dashed lines (Bug #34150)
 * SplashOutputDev: Fix bad memory access when not using antialias (Bug 
 * PSOutputDev: Make level2sep and level3sep write cmyk instead of rgb
 * PSOutputDev: Make level1sep, level2sep and level3sep write gray instead of 
rgb for gray images
 * Fix numerical overflow in libopenjpeg JPXStream (Bug #39361)
 * Fix crash on truncated JPEG/DCT stream (Bug #36693)
 * Make sure the dict is a page dict (Bugs #35925 #39072)
 * Fix calculation of startXRefPos
 * Handle missing startxref properly (Bug #38209)
 * Parse the "Medium" modifier when asking fontconfig for a font
 * Header cleanup
 * Include cleanup
 * Define cleanup

 * Add missing permissions flags to PopplerPermissions
 * Add missing permission flags to info demo
 * Update gtk-doc.make
 * Add poppler_document_get_n_attachments()
 * pdftohtml: Fix encoding of PDF document metadata (Bug #37900)
 * pdftohtml: Fix vertical spacing issues  (Bug #38019)
 * pdftotext: Fix -htmlmeta to correctly output U+2019 in PDF metadata (Bug 
 * pdftoppm: Implement overprint

 * Rework EmbeddedFile internals
 * Fix possible crash in test

The original schedule mentioned Beta 2 would be the last beta and the last 
version in which we would accept new features, but due to my failure to review 
this patches and long delay in the release I think it makes sense to add a 
Beta 3, thus this is the updated schedule:
 * Aug 29 (+2 weeks) Poppler 0.17.3 (0.18 Beta 3)
 * Sep 12 (+2 weeks) Poppler 0.17.4 (0.18 RC)
 * Sep 26 (+2 weeks) Poppler 0.17.3 (0.18)

On my queue for Beta 3 are: 
 * [Bug 38586] support text rotation
 * [Bug 39385] pdftohtml: add image and font extraction
 * Form-Reset and Print [patches]
 * Creating PDF with poppler ?
 * BOM and endianness of poppler::ustring class
 * pdftocairo

If you have any other patch you send and has not been integrated please ping 
me again since someonce it is not on my plate.

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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