[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-qt4 0.8.0

Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre.magalhaes at collabora.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 12:20:22 PST 2011

The "Make your own vacuum tubes" release.

telepathy-qt4 is a Qt 4 C++ binding for the Telepathy real-time 
communication framework, which can be used to implement user interfaces,
loggers and other Telepathy components.

This release begins the feature frozen 0.8 stable release series. 0.9
will be the new development series.
0.8 will continue to be backwards compatible API and ABI wise with the
earlier 0.7 development series.
Starting with 0.9.0 the project will be renamed to telepathy-qt
(TelepathyQt) and Qt5 support will be added alongside Qt4 support and
for that 0.9.0 will be API (minor changes) and ABI incompatible with
previous versions.



The latest reviewed code is always available from:
http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-qt4/ (cgit)

 * fd.o #35084: The StreamTubeClient and StreamTubeServer classes have
   been added to allow implementing Telepathy Stream Tube connectivity
   for applications without having to worry about the channel
   dispatching details
 * Contact::refreshInfo() requests are now batched together on D-Bus

 * Our TODO process being completely out of date. Trying to use doxygen
   \todo annotations from now on
 * FeatureRoster is set on Tp::Connection even for roster-less accounts


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