[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: Rapicorn release 12.08.0 available

Tim Janik tim.janik at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 7 19:43:48 PDT 2012

Rapicorn 12.08.0 is available for download:


Rapicorn is a toolkit for rapid development of user interfaces for C++ and
python development. Much is still in prototype/alpha development stage, but
a strong set of foundation technologies has already been established.

Everybody is free to participate with ideas, code or wiki contributions,
and artwork (we still need a logo, and always need icons and SVG themes).

The web pages and mailing list are found here:
  rapicorn at googlegroups.com

Rapicorn 12.08.0:

* Started publicizing widget interfaces in IDL.
* Moved all UI handling into a separate UIThread.
* Split client and server code generation from IDL.
* Introduced client API smart handles and threading-separation.
* Greatly improved IDL code generation, support client API signals.
* Added IDL type generator for mmap-able type information.
* Highly optimized generated glue code for method calls.
* Use 128bit hashes for remote method lookups.
* Include IDL files in documentation builds.
* Optimized main profiling hot spots.
* Rewrote event loop for high performance, allowing ~360k/s remote calls.
* Optimized remote API calls by using a lock-free queue (ca. 10% faster).
* Ported all rendering over to cairo.
* Streamlined the rendering pipeline.
* Added snapshots to, use: rapidrun --snapshot <PNGFILE>
* Ported to g++-4.6, C++11 and std::thread.
* Fixed container/viewport/window hierarchy.
* Unified XML parsing logic with XmlNode API.
* Implemented CSS selector matches on widget trees.
* Added accurate time handling and benchmarking.
* Greatly improved debugging output, added backtraces.
* Switched to silent autotool builds.
* Improved and cleaned up parallel builds.
* Added debugging options, see: $RAPICORN=help
* Scripted and streamlined release builds and uploads.
* Rewrote X11 based unit tests, use Xephyr if available.
* Various bug fixes, code cleanups and dead code removal.
* Greatly extended the test suite, added more test automation means.
* Documentation & example updates, see:

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

http://timj.testbit.eu/ - Free software Author

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