[Ftp-release] cairo release 1.12.8 now available

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Sun Nov 4 07:41:41 PST 2012

A new cairo release 1.12.8 is now available from:


    which can be verified with:

	56a10bf3b804367c97734d655c23a9f652d5c297  cairo-1.12.8.tar.xz

	(signed by Chris Wilson)

  Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:

	git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo

    will include a signed 1.12.8 tag which points to a commit named:

    which can be verified with:
	git verify-tag 1.12.8

    and can be checked out with a command such as:
	git checkout -b build 1.12.8

Release 1.12.8 (2012-11-24 Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>)
Another couple of weeks and a few more bugs have been found and fixed,
it is time to push the next point release. Many thanks to everyone who
reported their issues and helped us track down the bugs and helped
testing the fixes.

Bug fixes

  Expand the sanity checking for broken combinations of XSendEvent and

  Notice that "The X.Org Foundation" sometimes also identifies itself
  as "The Xorg Foundation".

  Handle various ages of libXext and its Shm headers.

  Fix the invalid clipping of the source drawable when using SHM
  transport to upload images.

  Handle all Type1 postscript operators for better font compatibility.

  Fix a couple of memory leaks in Type1 font subsetting

  Tighten the evaluation of the start/stop pen vertices, and catch a few
  instances where we would use a fan instead of a bevel.

  Fix assumption that geometric clipping always succeeds with the

  Fix call to spline intersection when evaluating whether a stoke is

  Remember to copy inferior sources when using SHM to readback the
  surface for use as a source.

Complete list of changes since 1.12.6

Adrian Johnson (5):
      type1-subset: parse all operators
      type1-subset: restore correct callothersub behavior
      type1-subset: ensure subroutine numnber is an integer
      type1-subset: fix memory leak
      type1-subset: remove unused variable

Chris Wilson (19):
      version: Post release bump to 1.12.7
      xlib/shm: Sanity check that the server handles XSendEvent with ShmCompletion
      xlib: Check for both X.org and Xorg ServerVendors
      xlib/shm: Check for XShm headers
      xlib/shm: Use shmstr.h instead of shmproto.h if available
      xlib: Apply the image offsets to the destination rather the source
      pen: First check whether the in/out edges lie within the single pen vertex
      xlib/shm: Fix bogus assertion without shm available
      image: Add a couple of tracepoints for spans fallbacks
      stroke: Precompute the line half-width
      util/show-polygon: Show the limited range of each edge
      spans: Do not assume that we manage to perform the clip geometrically
      xlib: Fixup standalone header compilation for 'make check'
      gl: Tune the default VBO size to reduce overhead on embedded devices
      pen: Tighten checking for bevel (start==stop) joins
      test: Add stroke-clipped
      stroke: Fix calling '_cairo_spline_intersect' for in-bounds checking of splines
      xlib/shm: Need IncludeInferiors when creating the source fallback
      1.12.8 release

Kevin Tardif (1):
      type1-subset, cff-subset: Plugged 2 memory leaks

What is cairo
Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output
devices. Currently supported output targets include the X Window
System (via both Xlib and XCB), quartz, win32, and image buffers,
as well as PDF, PostScript, and SVG file output. Experimental backends
include OpenGL, BeOS, OS/2, and DirectFB.

Cairo is designed to produce consistent output on all output media
while taking advantage of display hardware acceleration when available
(for example, through the X Render Extension).

The cairo API provides operations similar to the drawing operators of
PostScript and PDF. Operations in cairo include stroking and filling
cubic Bézier splines, transforming and compositing translucent images,
and antialiased text rendering. All drawing operations can be
transformed by any affine transformation (scale, rotation, shear,

Cairo has been designed to let you draw anything you want in a modern
2D graphical user interface.  At the same time, the cairo API has been
designed to be as fun and easy to learn as possible. If you're not
having fun while programming with cairo, then we have failed
somewhere---let us know and we'll try to fix it next time around.

Cairo is free software and is available to be redistributed and/or
modified under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL) version 2.1 or the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version

Where to get more information about cairo
The primary source of information about cairo is:


The latest versions of cairo can always be found at:


Documentation on using cairo and frequently-asked questions:


Mailing lists for contacting cairo users and developers:


Roadmap and unscheduled things to do, (please feel free to help out):


Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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