[Ftp-release] [poppler] Poppler 0.21.2 (0.22 Beta 2) released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Nov 22 15:48:14 PST 2012

Available from

WARNING: This is a unstable release, it is actually 0.22 Beta 2 release, it 
should work like any release from the 0.20 branch, but do not blame us if it 
turns your flying broom into a pile of wood.

Changes against the 0.21.1 release:
 * CairoOutputDev: make drawImage work with images > 32767 in width/height 
(Bug #56858)
 * CairoOutputDev: Fix soft mask when image resolution != smask resolution 
(Bug #57070)
 * CairoOutputDev: Fix crash in CairoImageOutputDev with 
setSoftMaskFromImageMask (Bug #57067)
 * Remove a check on fonts that we don't need (Bug #56753)
 * Misc code cleanups

 * pdftocairo: Add tiff output support (Bug #57006)
 * pdfunite: Fix -v (Bug #56817)
 * Misc code cleanups

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.


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