[Ftp-release] Announce: telepathy-glib 0.20.0

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 05:14:27 PDT 2012

The "why not indeed" release.

git: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-glib

This starts a new stable branch, recommended for use with GNOME 3.6.

Summary of changes since the last stable branch, 0.18:

• GLib 2.32 or later is required.

• Many old things are now deprecated. New TP_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED and
  TP_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED macros are provided for deprecation control:
  they work like the ones in GLib 2.32.

• Many functions that expected or returned dbus-glib parameterized types
  are now deprecated, and have an equivalent GVariant-based function
  should be used instead.

• The only headers you should #include are
  <telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib-dbus.h> and
  Including anything else is deprecated.

• All TpChannel APIs using contact TpHandle have been deprecated in
favor of
  their TpContact variants.

• TpRoomList and TpRoomInfo: high level API to list rooms on a server.

• TpDebugClient: high level API to retrieve logs from Telepathy

• TpTLSCertificate: TpProxy subclass representing a TLS certificate

• TpAccountRequest: object to help account creation

• TpSimpleClientFactory gained API to prepare TpContact objects with the
  features set on it.

• Add tp_vardict_get_uint32() etc., analogous to tp_asv_get_uint32()

• The configure flags --disable-coding-style-checks,
  and part of --disable-Werror have been superseded
  by --disable-fatal-warning

There were no code changes since 0.19.10.



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