[Ftp-release] [ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.5.2 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Sat Jun 8 09:43:38 PDT 2013


This release fixes several issues with the setproctitle() implementation,
and tries to make it more robust. Fixes fd.o #65470 and fd.o #65029.

Git tag: 0.5.2

Source tarball:

GPG signature:

Checksums (MD5 and SHA1):
  be8b2e0dc4614699834c49693574fd1a  libbsd-0.5.2.tar.xz
  9fe0308b0552f2775af664e7172d047427b702b5  libbsd-0.5.2.tar.xz

Changes since 0.5.1:

Guillem Jover (7):
      build: Ignore automake 1.13+ test suite generated files
      test: Try setting and getting an environment variable after setproctitle()
      Force setproctitle() into .init_array section
      Try to check if setproctitle() constructor got passed arguments
      Specify setproctitle_stub() signature manually if typeof is missing
      Create a shallow copy of environ before replacing it in setproctitle()
      Release libbsd 0.5.2


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