[Ftp-release] Announcing D-Bus 1.8.10 (security fix release)

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 08:08:02 PST 2014

The "tenants with a leaking roof get priority" release.

This is a security fix release for the current stable branch, 1.8.x.
Please upgrade unless you have a reason to keep using an older branch.

git tag: dbus-1.8.10
git branch: dbus-1.8

Security fixes:

• Increase dbus-daemon's RLIMIT_NOFILE rlimit to 65536
  so that CVE-2014-3636 part A cannot exhaust the system bus'
  file descriptors, completing the incomplete fix in 1.8.8.
  (CVE-2014-7824, fd.o #85105; Simon McVittie, Alban Crequy)

Simon McVittie, Collabora Ltd.
for the D-Bus maintainers

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