[Ftp-release] [ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.8.0 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Mon Nov 30 18:00:45 PST 2015


This long time coming release includes some pending bug fixes and some
new man pages, functions, macros and modules imported from various BSDs,
in particular:

 * Add new man page for reallocarray(3) function.
 * Add explicit_bzero(3) function.
 * Add __DECONST, __DEVOLATILE, __DEQUALIFY, __offsetof, __rangeof and
   __containerof macros to <sys/cdefs.h>.
 * Sync <sys/queue.h> from FreeBSD.

In addition, these two important changes:

 * Rework arc4random(3) based on code from OpenBSD and LibreSSL,
   switching it from RC4 to ChaCha, while preserving the API.
 * Deprecation of the fgetln(3) function, given that POSIX.1-2008 has
   standardized the getline(3) GNU extension for some time now. And even
   though the implementation within is one of the better ones around in
   embedded portability code, it still cannot be ported properly and it
   is unsafe to use. There is no reason to use it when there is a
   perfectly viable and portable replacement nowadays.

Git tag: 0.8.0

Source tarball:

GPG signature:

Checksums (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256):
  262bdd1aa3bee6066a8c9cb49bb6c584  libbsd-0.8.0.tar.xz
  af8981b6406f85b9260a84aac3c633c05a47d919  libbsd-0.8.0.tar.xz
  fbb732084bd960e4c78b688aac875be98e290cc6fe462b2ff8ee946a6473e38c  libbsd-0.8.0.tar.xz

Changes since 0.7.0:

Brent Cook (1):
      Avoid left shift overflow in reallocarray

Callum Davies (1):
      Fix arc4random() and arc4random_stir() prototypes

Guillem Jover (37):
      Use stdint integer types instead of BSD legacy ones
      Add new man page for reallocarray(3)
      Add __DECONST, __DEVOLATILE and __DEQUALIFY macros to sys/cdefs.h
      Add __offsetof, __rangeof and __containerof to sys/cdefs.h
      Sync queue(3) from FreeBSD
      build: Centralize testsuite LDADD setting in a single variable
      test: Move and activate fpurge() test case from module to a dedicated file
      test: Add test case for fpurge(NULL)
      test: Add closefrom() unit test
      Update closefrom() function
      Refactor file descriptor closure into a new closefrom_close()
      Move procfs based implementation into a new closefrom_procfs() function
      Do not close file descriptors while scanning the /proc filesystem
      Use reallocarray() instead of malloc() or realloc()
      Use ANSI C prototypes
      Make mergesort setup() static
      test: Refactor stream testing functions into a new module
      test: Add fparseln() unit test
      Switch fparseln() implementation from fgetln() to getline()
      build: Add support for linker warnings
      Add compile and link-time deprecation warnings for fgetln()
      Mark functions handling format strings with __printflike
      Lock the file streams in fgetln() and fparseln()
      Make closefrom_procfs() fail when reallocarray() fails
      Add explicit_bzero() function from OpenBSD
      build: Move proctitle_LDFLAGS inside BUILD_LIBBSD_CTOR conditional
      build: Move hash/helper.c into new libbsd_la_included_sources
      build: Make git log invocation immune to local configuration
      test: Add unit test for arc4random()
      test: Add unit test for strmode()
      test: Check asprintf() return code
      man: Rename funopen.3 to funopen.3bsd to avoid clash with funtools
      Add private SHA512 module from FreeBSD
      Add private getentropy module from OpenBSD and LibreSSL
      Update arc4random module from OpenBSD and LibreSSL
      Update license and copyright information
      Release libbsd 0.8.0

Marek Vasut (1):
      Add NIOS2 support to nlist()

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