[Ftp-release] Announcing D-Bus 1.10.8

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Mon Aug 15 23:29:07 UTC 2016

The “tungsten door” release.

git tag: dbus-1.10.10


• On Linux, when dbus-daemon is run with reduced susceptibility to the
  OOM killer (typically via systemd), do not let child processes inherit
  that setting (fd.o #32851; Kimmo Hämäläinen, WaLyong Cho)

• Output valid shell syntax in ~/.dbus/session-bus/ if the bus address
  contains a semicolon (fd.o #94746, Thiago Macieira)

• Fix memory leaks and thread safety in subprocess starting on Windows
  (fd.o #95191, Ralf Habacker)

• Do not require systemd to have a service file if using it for
  (fd.o #93194; Simon McVittie; backport from 1.11.0)

• Stop test-dbus-daemon incorrectly failing on platforms that cannot
  discover the process ID of clients (fd.o #96653, Руслан Ижбулатов)

• In tests that exercise correct handling of crashing D-Bus services,
  suppress Windows crash handler
  (fd.o #95155; Yiyang Fei, Ralf Habacker)

• Explicitly check for stdint.h (Ioan-Adrian Ratiu)

• update-activation-environment: produce better diagnostics on error
  (fd.o #96653, Simon McVittie)

• Don't fail the build with an unused const variable warning under gcc 6
  (fd.o #97282; Thomas Zimmermann, Simon McVittie)

• Merge dbus-1.10-ci branch, containing backports from 1.11.0 in
  build/test code to support continuous integration
  (fd.o #93194, Simon McVittie)

  · Avoid -Wunused-label when compiling with libselinux but no libaudit
  · In development builds, allow OOM tests to be disabled as documented
  · Accept and ignore the --tap argument in all "embedded tests", and
    run all automated tests with that argument for better diagnostics
  · Fix the systemd activation test under CMake by installing the
    required files
  · In Automake, fix shell syntax for installcheck-local with no DESTDIR
  · In Automake, don't try to run manual tests in installcheck
  · In CMake, don't run manual-tcp test as an automated test
  · Add travis-ci.org build machinery

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