[Ftp-release] desktop-file-utils 0.23 released

Hans Petter Jansson hpj at copyleft.no
Sun Jun 19 21:07:36 UTC 2016

desktop-file-utils 0.23

Tarball:   https://www.freedesktop.org/software/desktop-file-utils/releases/desktop-file-utils-0.23.tar.xz
Signature: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/desktop-file-utils/releases/desktop-file-utils-0.23.tar.xz.asc

Changes since 0.22

* desktop-file-validate

  - Accept version 1.1 desktop files (fdo#87461) (Matthias Clasen).
  - Add Cinnamon, EDE and LXQt to the list of registered desktop environments
    (fdo#73497, fdo#56353, fdo#79561) (Michael Webster, David Faure, Jauhien
  - Allow multipart/related MIME type; it's used for MHTML (fdo#93376) (Hans
    Petter Jansson).
  - Ensure DBusActivatable filenames conform to reverse-DNS notation
    (fdo#66904) (Hans Petter Jansson).
  - Downgrade trailing semicolons to optional (fdo#76902) (Jerome Leclanche).
  - Fix buffer over-read (fdo#94303) (Hans Petter Jansson; reported by Hanno
    Boeck and Agostino Sarubbo).


desktop-file-utils contains command line utilities for working with
desktop entries:

* desktop-file-validate: Validates a desktop file according to the desktop
  entry specification.

* desktop-file-install: Installs a desktop file to the applications
  directory after applying optional modifications.

* update-desktop-database: Updates the database containing a cache of MIME
  types handled by desktop files.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Hans Petter

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