[Ftp-release] Announcing D-Bus 1.11.2

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Mon Mar 7 21:14:04 UTC 2016

The “pneumatic drill vs. Iron Maiden” release.

git tag: dbus-1.11.2


• Enable "large file support" on systems where it exists: dbus-daemon
  is not expected to open large files, but it might need to stat files
  that happen to have large inode numbers (fd.o #93545, Hongxu Jia)

• Eliminate padding inside DBusMessageIter on 64-bit platforms,
  which might result in a pedantic C compiler not copying the entire contents
  of a DBusMessageIter; statically assert that this is not an ABI change
  in practice (fd.o #94136, Simon McVittie)

• Document dbus-test-tool echo --sleep-ms=N instead of incorrect --sleep=N
  (fd.o #94244, Dmitri Iouchtchenko)

• Correctly report test failures in C tests from run-test.sh
  (fd.o #93379; amit tewari, Simon McVittie)

• When tests are enabled, run all the marshal-validate tests, not just
  the even-numbered ones (fd.o #93908, Nick Lewycky)

• Correct the expected error from one marshal-validate test, which was
  previously not run due to the above bug (fd.o #93908, Simon McVittie)

• Fix compilation under CMake when embedded tests are disabled
  (fd.o #94094, eric.hyer)

Internal changes:

• Fix all -Wpointer-sign (signed/unsigned mismatch) warnings, and enable the
  warning (fd.o #93069; Ralf Habacker, Simon McVittie)

• When building with CMake, use the same gcc/clang warnings as under Autotools,
  or MSVC warnings that are broadly similar (fd.o #93069, Ralf Habacker)

• test/name-test: make C tests produce TAP output and run them directly, not
  via run-test.sh (fd.o #92899, Simon McVittie)

• Under CMake when cross-compiling for Windows on Unix, run the tests
  under Wine even if binfmt_misc support is not available
  (fd.o #88966, Ralf Habacker)

• The DBUS_USE_TEST_BINARY environment variable is no longer used by builds with
  embedded tests; DBUS_TEST_DBUS_LAUNCH replaces it (fd.o #92899, Simon McVittie)

• Factor out some functions that will be needed in future for a Windows
  implementation of dbus-run-session (fd.o #92899, Ralf Habacker)

Simon McVittie
Collabora Ltd. <http://www.collabora.com/>
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