[Ftp-release] RELEASE: libnice 0.1.15

Olivier CrĂȘte olivier.crete at collabora.com
Thu Dec 27 23:01:45 UTC 2018


I'm very pleased to announce libnice 0.1.15

This culminates over year and a half of hard from work the whole libnice team.
In particular, I'd like to thank Fabrice Bellet, Tim-Philip Muller & Jakub Adam for their contributions.

Key changes are:

Add support for Regular Nomination
Removal of the global lock over all agents
Add method to compare candidate targets
Added optional Meson build system, future releases will remove autotools
Renamed all members of PseudoTcpState enum (compile-time API change, but I doubt anyone uses this API)
Now drops all packets from addresses that have not been validated by an ICE check
Multiple improvements to ICE interoperability
Improved RFC compliance
Improved OC2007 compatibility mode alternate-server support
Can be built with OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS

It now requires GLib 2.48 and GnuTLS 2.12 or OpenSSL 

tarball: http://nice.freedesktop.org/releases/libnice-0.1.15.tar.gz
git: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libnice/libnice/

Olivier CrĂȘte
olivier.crete at collabora.com

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