[Ftp-release] [ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.11.6 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Wed Mar 30 21:21:24 UTC 2022


This release includes:

 - Build system and test suite fixes for musl.
 - Removal of unused OpenBSD support for arc4random().
 - LoongArch support for nlist().

Git tag: 0.11.6

  Tarball: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.6.tar.xz>
  OpenPGP: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.6.tar.xz.asc>
  SHA256: 19b38f3172eaf693e6e1c68714636190c7e48851e45224d720b3b5bc0499b5df  libbsd-0.11.6.tar.xz
  SHA512: 9dbbfb84340fc69f59667241701d81d176439ce168f123344805898a269f7bd0e98abf8c7fc12d9bf539d1effb19424d93b647cc9120f693327e736d339e6075  libbsd-0.11.6.tar.xz

Changes since 0.11.5:

Duncan Overbruck (4):
      test: Remove static FILE declaration from fpurge test
      fpurge: Make it work with non fd based FILEs
      test: Add fpurge() test case using open_memstream(3) FILE
      build: Add alpine to CI for tests with musl libc

Guilherme Janczak (1):
      Remove arc4random() OpenBSD support

Guillem Jover (4):
      build: Sort test programs in .gitignore
      test: Import explicit_bzero and strtonum test cases from OpenBSD
      man: Document when functions were added to musl in libbsd(7)
      Release libbsd 0.11.6

WANG Xuerui (1):
      Add LoongArch support to nlist()

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