[ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.11.8 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Mon Jan 8 02:46:28 UTC 2024


This release includes:

 - Portability fixes for Solaris, macOS and AIX.
 - Build fixes for the modern C effort.
 - Adjust declaration shadowing to match new glibc additions.
 - Manual page sync to get rid of the last BSD-4-Clause license.
 - Manual pages, documentation and build system cleanups.

This release greatly improves portability to the systems listed above,
but there is still some work pending to make it build out of the box and
to stabilize the ABI on those systems, which was blocking this release,
so that has been postponed and should appear in the next one.

Git tag: 0.11.8

  Tarball: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.8.tar.xz>
  OpenPGP: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.8.tar.xz.asc>
  SHA256: 55fdfa2696fb4d55a592fa9ad14a9df897c7b0008ddb3b30c419914841f85f33  libbsd-0.11.8.tar.xz
  SHA512: 0173fc20e2471f96bc6677500a02fbccef7463e023445f47681843c9a94b1fa9970c5af7d2f87f1a1e7f8a7bb60112988defc073828fd2a0dcd0e66e44e67295  libbsd-0.11.8.tar.xz

Changes since 0.11.7:

Callum Farmer (1):
      include: Adjust closefrom() per glibc adoption

Florian Weimer (1):
      build: Improve C99 compatibility of __progname configure check

Guilherme Janczak (1):
      man: Prune unneeded <sys/types.h> include in setproctitle(3)

Guillem Jover (68):
      build: Use «yes» instead of «true» for AC_CHECK_FUNCS cache value
      build: Terminate lists in variables with «# EOL»
      build: Do not require funopen() to be ported
      build: Require automake 1.11
      build: Fix configure.ac indentation
      build: Add missing AM_PROG_AR macro call to configure.ac
      build: Enable -Wall for automake
      include: Use __has_builtin to detect __builtin_offsetof support
      build: Fix version script linker support detection
      build: Switch to debian:latest Docker image
      man: Update STANDARDS and HISTORY sections
      man: Fix BSD and glibc versions
      test: Fix memory leaks in fpurge test
      test: Import explicit_bzero() sanitizer support changes from OpenBSD
      test: Exempt blank_stack_side_effects() from sanitizer checks
      build: Add support for sanitizer compiler flags
      doc: Remove written-by attribution
      man: Switch arc4random(3bsd) man page from OpenBSD to NetBSD
      man: Add HISTORY section to arc4random(3bsd)
      build: Do not enable ASAN for musl CI pipelines
      test: Disable blank_stack_side_effects() on non-Hurd systems
      test: Fix closefrom() test to handle open file descriptor limits
      test: Fix closefrom() test on macOS
      test: Do not hardcode root:root user and group names
      test: Use open_memstream() only if available
      Use lockf() when flock() is not available
      Declare environ if the system does not do so
      Define _NSIG if it is not defined by the system
      Only use <stdio_ext.h> if present
      build: Do not override the default DEPENDENCIES for libbsd
      build: Add -no-undefined libtool flag
      build: Use an export symbols file if there is no version script support
      build: Only emit link warnings for ELF objects
      build: Add a new libbsd_strong_alias() macro and switch users to it
      build: Remove __MUSL__ definition from configure
      build: Move Windows OS detection to the OS features section
      build: Select whether to include funopen() in the build system
      build: On macOS do not build functions provided by the system
      build: Add generated *.sym files to .gitignore
      test: Do not use /dev/null as compiler output file
      Make getprogname() porting mandatory
      Port getprogname() to AIX
      Move the version script comments before the symbols
      build: Conditionalize bsd_getopt() on macOS
      build: Annotate droppable functions for musl on next SOVERSION bump
      build: Check whether we need libperfstat on AIX
      progname: Include <procinfo.h> if available
      build: Conditionalize getprogname()/setprogname on macOS
      build: Conditionalize only id-from-name functions not the entire pwcache
      build: Conditionalize wcslcpy() and wcslcat() functions on macOS
      build: Sort entries alphabetically
      build: Do not build the progname module if it is not needed
      build: Do not provide prototypes for arc4random() on Solaris
      build: Refactor linker script detection into a new m4 function
      build: Refactor GNU .init_array support check into a new m4 function
      fgetln: Include <stdio.h> after <sys/*>
      pwcache: Do not declare uidtb and gidtb when not used
      build: Add missing dash to macro title bar
      man: Markup function references with Xr instead of Fn
      man: Use VARIANTS instead of ALTERNATIVES in libbsd(7)
      build: Add a coverage regex to the CI job
      test: Fix short-lived memory leak
      Do not confuse code analyzers with out-of-bounds array access look alike
      Do not add a pointer to the NULL constant
      Adjust strlcpy() and strlcat() per glibc adoption
      build: Check out-of-tree builds in CI
      test: Close all descriptors before initializing them for closefrom()
      Release libbsd 0.11.8

Khem Raj (1):
      funopen: Replace off64_t with off_t in funopen_seek()

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