gnome-mastermind trademark question

Evgeni Golov sargentd at
Mon Dec 1 02:55:04 PST 2008

Hey * (especially Hans),

Filippo Argiolas (fargiolas at joined #freedesktop-games,
asking if we could do something about the inclusion of his game
gnome-mastermind[1] in Fedora.

He stated that the game is not included because of Fedora worrying
about the trademark of the original mastermind game, but eg Debian
IANAL, but I don't see a real issue here, gnome-mastermind !=
mastermind, and if we would use the same thinking on other games, we
prolly won't be able to package Wormux (Worms is quite similar) and so

Does anyone have opinions on this?


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