Anyone interested in writing an article about Geoclue in Linux Magazine ?

Ian Lawrence xor81 at
Sat Aug 18 06:18:53 PDT 2007

I recently wrote a proposal for an article about
Ubuntu Mobile for Linux Magazine. They replied saying
that they were interested more in an application I
have written for UME which uses the GeoClue service.!!
This seems like a great chance to get more people
interested in GeoClue so I am forwarding the message
here. I hope someone is interested in picking this up

Hello, Ian--

Thanks for sending us your proposal.

In general, the topic of programming for mobile
devices is a little too  
specific for us. Maybe we could do something
interesting with GeoClue?  
Is there some kind of practical example we could give
Linux users for  
something they can do with GeoClue?  Is this pretty
much for mobile  
developers only, or could it be used in some kind of
scripting context to solve a specific problem for a


-Joe Casad
Linux Magazine International
Linux Pro Magazine

On Aug 16, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Ian Lawrence wrote:

 My name is Ian Lawrence and I work as a researcher at
the Open
Source Mobile Research Centre (OSMRC) in Amazonia,
Brazil . In my 'free time' I am an Ubuntu Mobile and
Embedded Developer.[1]
For the Ubuntu Gutsy release in October I am
responsible for writing  the Community User Guide [2].
The current version (0.3) [3] of this guide
contains the wiki specification blueprints, a tutorial
on moblin [4]  (the mobile linux image creation tool)
and a tutorial on Mobile Application Development using
The Application Development Tutorial covers several
new tools being used by Mobile Application Developers.
The first, pyphantom [5] is an IDE with has the goal
of helping developers create Python plug-ins for
Hildon Desktop [6] and the second GeoClue [7] is a
D-Bus API and library that provides all kinds of
geographic information to applications.
I would like to present this tutorial to the readers
of Linux Magazine. I have outlined a tutorial here [8]
and believe that this would be an exciting  article
given the recent explosion of consumer interest in
Mobile Internet enabled devices such as the iPhone.




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