Some plans for GeoClue at GUADEC

Henri Bergius henri.bergius at
Thu Jul 12 05:05:10 PDT 2007


We had a lunch meeting with Tigert, JKU and Rambo today about GeoClue.

Some ideas what we could try to do around GUADEC:

* GeoRSS2POI advanced (bergie/andrew)
  - RSS feed subscriptions from Maemo RSS reader OPML
  - GeoClue backend info from GConf
  - Maemo Mapper POI category per feed
    - Favicon/feed icon?

* GeoClue debs to Maemo extras (jku/ferenc)

* MaemoPlazer (rambo)
  - Fix issues, finish GeoClue backend

* Backend icons (tigert)
  - GPS
  - Plazes (= MaemoPlazer icon)
  - HostIP
  - Manual
  - No position
  - We need nice SVGs of these for the GUADEC slides too :-)

/Henri, on the way to State of the Map

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