backend error handling

Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at
Sun Jul 15 09:40:13 PDT 2007

Jussi Kukkonen wrote:
> I'd like to implement some error handling for the position backends. I'm
> pretty new to GError, so comments are welcome. I'm thinking different
> backend types are different "error domains", and this is my view on how
> it should look (using position backend/"error domain" as example):

As there were no objections, I pushed the changes to fd.o git:;a=commit;h=82a304331a6bd6ba438de5a73a3d968189447018

The errors and error codes are defined in
backend/geoclue_position_error.[ch]. Currently the list of error codes
for position backends looks like this:

     /* Backend cannot connect to needed service */

     /* Received data, but it is unreadable */

     /* Used service cannot provide position data at this time*/

     /* Backend does not implement this method */

     /* generic fatal error */


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