shutting down gpsd backend

Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at
Fri Jul 20 01:27:35 PDT 2007

keith preston wrote:
> There was a part in the api specification for shutting down backend
> services.   We could call that method, although it doesn't quite work if
> others are listening.    There could be a shutdown signal broadcast to
> inform users that a backend is going down an a stop shutdown method.   I'm
> open to other ideas.   Or we could just ignore this because if it gets
> shutdown and someone else makes a dbus call to it, it will restart.

I like the shutting_down-signal idea. At least it's the best solution I
can think of. So the plan is this:

1. Add functions to C library
      geoclue_*_shutdown_specific(service, path);

   I can't imagine where a default version  (like with init) would be
   needed... but geoclue_*_shutdown_all() might be useful.

2. Add signals to backend interface (and corresponding callback-setters
   in C library):
      <signal name="shutting_down">

   How does the dbus stuff work: do the receivers know which backend
   sends shutting_down-signal (in case there are several running) or
   should that info be included as an argument?


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