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My name is Jussi Kukkonen and I'm going to work on GeoClue for maemo (1)
> during the summer. My plan is to keep the Maemo-specific stuff on
>, but generic geoclue improvements should naturally live in a
> generic geoclue code repository. I understood that bergie discussed the
> SCM issue with you earlier and that you agreed that a new hosting would
> be a good idea

I look forward to seeing geoclue grow and for better integration with the
different platforms.

> I suggest we continue discussion on the mailing list
> geoclue at (you can join at
> The first issue that I'd like to solve is the SCM: I asked for SVN, as
> that's what you have running at the moment on foinse-project. This is
> what the admin had to say about it(2):
> > we don't usually provide subversion, though: is either git
> > (preferable), or cvs (fallback) suitable for your needs?
> Can you comment on this? I can do the actual uploading if we decide
> changing SCM systems is worth it.

I really have no preference.  SVN would be nice because that is what I am
used to.   However we can use GIT.   I just checked and I can access
freedesktop GIT at work (through the firewall).   I've never really used git
a lot, but anytime is a good time to learn.

I'm saving the rest of my question for now :)

I'm all ears.

Keith Preston
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