GeoClue and Android LBS

Jussi Kukkonen jku at
Thu Nov 15 05:10:51 PST 2007

We had a discussion based on this and got couple of ideas.
RequiresX/providesX might be usable if we move some intelligence to the
master-side of things.

Consider these scenarios:
 * clients could ask the master for a position backend that "usesGPS".
   This is different from asking for a very accurate backend, as it
   implies client understands the requirements (like battery drain).
   Then user preferences could have "only allow GPS for clients that ask
   for it specifically".
 * at the moment backends need to take care of network-events
   themselves. We could move all this to the master: backend says
   it "usesNet", and the master can then watch connection signals
   and ask for a new position when a new connection is made.
   Less code needs to be written and maintained, less code gets excuted,
   and master could even shutdown webservice-backends when there are no
   connection changes, saving memory as well...

This has the downside of making backends less usable if you don't go
through the master (as e.g. webservice backend signals wouldn't really
work)... but I think we could live with that.

Any comments?


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